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Marty Cawthon walking on the beach in Miyazaki, Japan  2008-01-12 15:42

Happy Trails...

Exploration of Japan on foot:
walking the beach from Kawa Minami northward to Tsuno
Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu
photo by Fujino Takashi 2008-01-12 15:42


I enjoy meeting people, especially "face-to-face". But that is not always possible, so this homepage is a way for you to know about me. Besides, even if we meet face-to-face there is not enough time to say all of this. I hope you enjoy browsing around my homepage.


"The only writings that I trust are Fiction and Editorials; I know the former is a story and the later is an opinion. As for History and News... if you show me a 'true history' or 'unbiased news', then I say 'you have just identified your own bias'" - Marty Cawthon

Past Activities and Future Goals


These are photos of my experiences. Mostly they are of "everyday life". "Everyday life" is interesting to me - especially everyday life of people in other countries.

My plan was to post (publish) a different SnapShot each day. One day I got sick with the flu, and did not get that day's SnapShot posted. After I recovered I "fell out of the habit" of posting a SnapShot. I must "get back into the habit"!

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